Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day Out

Mikol and I went for a short hike today. We were in Big Cottonwood Canyon. It's a very good place to go hiking and picnicking. We took a lot of photos, and no there are none of me. Get over it. There may not be many of me on this blog.

I was playing with the camera. :)

It was a very nice day to be outside. We had fun and got a little exercise. And some great pics :)

The Crafter

So I purchased all the materials I would need to do this really great stitching project two years ago. I started it almost immediately... and finished in January of this year. I am sometimes a slacker, I admit it. Anyway, here is a photo of the project before framing.

I worked for the Zimmermans at Zim's Crafts for about three years before they had to close their stores (very sad day). I made some great friends there and we have done some really fun scrapbooking and card making projects together. Kathy and I decided to do a stitching project together. The same pattern but choosing different colors. While choosing my colors we found a really cute combination and got Micki involved. Stephanie found out and decided to join in as well.

This is some of what I've done so far. Like I said, we each chose different colors to make them unique.

This pattern is unlike anything I've done. I usually don't do samplers either, but I wanted to try some new stuff and play with different fibers, which makes this really fun. This is far from finished and will hopefully (fingers crossed) look really great. Some of what is there can't be seen very well, it's meant to be seen in person or at least with better lighting. I will add other photos as I progress.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rainy Day

So. . . I love rain. The only bad thing about it now is that I am not needed at work. I think I may have to go for a walk in it :) Yes, I am crazy. I can't help it. The only draw back is the cold. Oh well!

The getting up early thing is pretty difficult. I have been awake since a little after eight this morning. Didn't want to get out of bed, though.

The Ogden job hunt is proving less successful. Why don't people want to even interview me? It's fairly frustrating. I am getting to the bottom of the barrel and I don't like what's down there. For those of you don't know, James and I are moving to Ogden at the end of May. The goal is to get out of debt and this is hopefully going to help with that. If I can get a job up there.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day Off

After some consideration I think my problem was never waking up early it's getting out of bed when I do wake up :) I guess the next thing would be whether I got good enough sleep to want to be up. It doesn't make things go to smoothly if you wake up with a migraine.

Today is a beautiful day and I think I need to go hiking or at least for a walk. We are going up Big Cottonwood Canyon today since it's so nice. Hopefully some friends will join us. 

I planted some chives today. James and I planted some chives ;) They are in a little pot and will be transplanted when they get big enough. One of my favorite memories of living next door to my grandparents was eating chives from the plant they had in their yard. *sigh*

Friday, May 7, 2010

New Day

So I woke up "early" and it seemed to help me be in a better mood sooner. Then my allergies, despite taking everything I could, decided to act up today. Yeah for dry itchy eyes. Now I need to decide on a routine to help me actually get out of bed when I wake up. Any suggestions? Aside from pray and scripture study. Those are on my list already.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A New Beginning?

I wanted to get my own blog as a sort of journal. I have come across several things that have inspired this and I hope it will help to achieve some goals I have. They include, but may not be limited to, exercising, healthier eating, waking up earlier (insert comments here), and journaling :)

This is going to be my way of keeping track of my progress. Any who want to join me in my quest can contact me for details. I would love to have some friends to share success with. I will be starting my early morning experiment tomorrow. We shall see if I am successful with my desire to become a morning person. And if I hear any negative comments about that, you are all fired!