Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Crafter

So I purchased all the materials I would need to do this really great stitching project two years ago. I started it almost immediately... and finished in January of this year. I am sometimes a slacker, I admit it. Anyway, here is a photo of the project before framing.

I worked for the Zimmermans at Zim's Crafts for about three years before they had to close their stores (very sad day). I made some great friends there and we have done some really fun scrapbooking and card making projects together. Kathy and I decided to do a stitching project together. The same pattern but choosing different colors. While choosing my colors we found a really cute combination and got Micki involved. Stephanie found out and decided to join in as well.

This is some of what I've done so far. Like I said, we each chose different colors to make them unique.

This pattern is unlike anything I've done. I usually don't do samplers either, but I wanted to try some new stuff and play with different fibers, which makes this really fun. This is far from finished and will hopefully (fingers crossed) look really great. Some of what is there can't be seen very well, it's meant to be seen in person or at least with better lighting. I will add other photos as I progress.

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