Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hair today!

1 December, 2010 after around three years of growth I cut my hair off. So here are photos of the event :)
Brittney cut my hair. She's awesome!
The above was after she cut off my ponytail and had evened things out a bit. And that's the reflection in the mirror.
Almost finished :)
 New hair style and my head feels so much lighter.
I am definitely going back to Brittney.
I had a great time getting my hair cut and Brittney said that they like getting clients like me because they don't get to do big changes for people very often. She also liked the fact that I had absolutely no regrets getting it chopped off. 
And here is my ponytail.


  1. Fun! I love big changes like that. Glad you have no regrets. :)

  2. Wow. Your new do is super cute. So fun.