Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bastian Family Reunion 2010

I know, it took me long enough.
The Bastian Family Reunion this year took place mostly in Garland, Utah. My grandma lives there next door to one of my aunts and another aunt lives in Tremonton.  It went from Thursday July 22 until Saturday July 24. Thursday was everyone getting settled and saying hello to each other.

Friday we went on a hike. I don't remember the area we went to. That's my fault for not paying attention and waiting so long to blog :)  It was in the mountains east of Logan, Utah. It was a pretty long hike and parts of it were kind of difficult, especially if you weren't in the best shape. It was beautiful up there though.

There was a lake/large pond at the end of the trail. Some of the guys went swimming in it before we headed back out. Thanks Lizz for helping me take some great pictures.

Uncle Neil, Uncle Ken, and Jared.
Cindy, Mike and Matt.
Cousin James decided to walk on a floating log. He made it most of the way along it.

Friday evening was the traditional program. Usually we did a talent show of sorts but this year Michelle got Grandma's help to write about how Grandma and Grandpa met. They asked me to read Grandma's story and various others read poems, sang songs and told stories.
                                     Lizz and her girls.
                                     Everyone who sang.

It was really fun to hear Grandma and Grandpa's love story and hear about Grandpa from  Uncle Neil and Uncle Ken. I think everyone cried at some point and we all felt Grandpa's presence, and how much he loves Grandma and all of us.

It was a fun weekend, as always. And it was great to see some cousins that we don't get to see very often.

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